Magical storytelling, respect for the environment, an authentic concept and a touch of nostalgia! That is what our spoonful of sugar is all about!

Today live entertainment is an indispensable and powerful ingredient in the general marketing and communication strategy of every company. It can bring your brand to life, in a unique setting and ensure that your consumer experiences your brand in a different way! The power of a unique setting lies in an original approach to making use of the elements that are present, bringing together the right people and creating added value for all the parties involved in a respectful manner.

We kindly invite you to contact us if you are looking for a direct way of communicating with your consumer or customer and if you wish to be part of an event in which you can experience your target audience in a family setting.

Case: Autumn thrills in Bokrijk 2011

Upcoming events : Autumn thrills in Bokrijk 2012 and BIBOLOGY in Waagnatie in Antwerp as of 20 December 2012

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